Every Accident


About Every Accident provides a simple visualisation of all personal injury accidents recorded by the police since 1979.

Data Reliability

Unfortunately, some of the data is inaccurate in one way or another. This can range from simple missing information to incorrect geographic coordinates incorrect road and local authority details. This tends to be more prominent the older the data.

The biggest effect of invalid data can be seen on the map pages for individual roads and local authorities, where some accidents appear clearly out of position.

This website makes no attempt to correct errors in the underlying data.

With over seven million accidents in the dataset, attempting to manually verify them all is simply impossible. And trying to do so via software would be prone to introducing other errors. For that reason, the data has been left "as is", even where it is clearly wrong.

That doesn't make it unusable. Most of the data is correct and valid, and the ones which do have errors don't affect the ones which don't. And the utility value of having easy access to the data makes the duff bits worth putting up with.

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